Warhol’s Charged Blend (Candyland) – THCv, HHC, H4CBD, CBG – 2ml Vape Cartridge



This tantalizing cartridge pairs the scrumptious flavors of the Candyland strain with Warhol’s potent and invigorating cannabinoid Charged blend to create a truly unique and enjoyable experience. Candyland is a sativa strain renowned for its sweet and earthy flavors with flowery tones. When combined with Warhol’s charged blend, it creates an incredibly powerful and stimulating effect that is perfect for when you need a little extra energy. Whether you’re enjoying a night out on the town or working on a project, this cartridge is sure to give you the get-up-and-go you need. So don’t wait, try Warhol’s charged vape cartridge today and see what all the buzz is about!


Blend Details

When you need a little something extra, Warhol’s Charged Blend is designed to get you over that hump. A cannabinoid blend comprised of THCv, H4CBD, CBG, and HHC provides just the right amount of energy to get you going. Channel Warhol’s electric style and personality as you find your own vigor with each puff. Stay Charged.

Device Specifications

-Capacity 2ml

-Ceramic Heating Element

-High Grade Japanese Cotton Wick

-Nickel Chromium Conducting Wire

-Borosilicate Tank

Directions for use

Directions: Attach desired cartridge to a 510 thread battery. Inhale & enjoy.

NOTE: Battery NOT Included.

Our Metal Series Cartridge is highly durable and provides the consistent sized hits until the very last pull. The center post is made from lead-free copper, which guarantees ZERO leaching and absolutely NO residual heavy metals.


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