Dali’s Dream Blend – 4ML Disposable Vape – Granddaddy Purp – D8, HHC, CBN, CBD, THCp



The perfect blend of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation. Grandaddy Purp has hints of grape and berry with no shortage of flavor. The effects detectable by both the mind and body make Grandaddy Purp so famous. Whether you are looking to combat insomnia, pain, stress, or muscle spasms, Grandaddy Purp won’t disappoint.


Blend Details

Just as the name suggests, this blend will have your head in the clouds in no time. Whether you’re looking to wind down at the end of a long day or escape into a world of fantasy, Dali’s Dream Blend is the perfect choice. This surreal blend of ∆8, HHC, CBN, CBD and THCp will make sure you don’t just sleep, but also dream.

Device Specifications

Device Specifications

– 12 Watts

– 0.8 Subohm Ceramic Coil

– Rechargeable Battery w/ USB-C Port

– Preheat Button

Directions: Inhale to activate, or hold button to preheat.

Size: 4ML = 4,000mg = 4 Full Grams of Oil (Double the size of a regular 2ML vape)

This convenient 4mL disposable is pre-filled and ready to use, with a pre-heating button that ensures smooth hits every time, as well as no clogging. And thanks to the adjustable airflow control, you can customize your experience to suit your style. Whether you’re looking for big clouds or intense flavor, this device has you covered.


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